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Finding dream places must be easier

Everyone talks about location… Still, home seekers are quite left alone in finding the best place to live. Where is it quiet? Where to find nature? And where do we want our kids to grow up?

During our personal flat hunt Google or Real estate platforms didn’t provide such information. And we wanted more insights than provided in online property profiles. This was hard and time-consuming to research ourselves.

We are convinced this can be better. After many interviews with home seekers, Real estate experts and portals, we concluded that accurate information about the property’s location included in their profiles and data models helps everyone:

  • Home seekers can see at one glance whether the location is right for them.
  • Real estate portals benefit from higher user satisfaction and uninterrupted sessions as users find all the information they need. Market leaders are even starting to create location-aware matching algorithms to show the best fitting properties first and highlight desired location characteristics.
  • Landlords and real estate agents receive better-qualified leads resulting in more conversions and less viewings per conversion as users know they like the neighbourhood.

With this conviction we developed our first location indicator to highlight quiet flats powered by a up-to-date an accurate analysis of noise pollution on front and backside of a property, a unique capability in Europe. Based on the positive feedback from our partners, we then developed a continuously growing number of further indicators that can provide most dimensions that are important for home seekers, from connectivity to urban transport to local shopping (for a full list see our home page).

Results are available via API and can easily and quickly be integrated into customers’ offerings. Thanks to Machine Learning and continuous feedback from interviews, the quality of results keeps increasing.

We’re still at the beginning but our vision is clear: everyone should find their dream locations easily. No more surprises and disappointed movers.

We’re working for the success of your real estate portal – with competence and the domain experience

We believe in agile and user-centered software development. Our goal is to provide your company and users a quantifiable benefit – as fast as possible.

Florian Grünwald


Florian worked as management consultant and global product manager for E.ON. He is the founder of GeoSci and focused on company strategy and product development. On holiday he’s a passionate windsurfer.

Dr. Thorsten Riess

Algorithms and cloud infrastructure

Thorsten has a Ph.D. in mathematics and is geo-spatial data scientist. He’s responsible that algorithms and infrastructure are running efficiently and reliably. He’s a passionate tinkerer and part of the Hackerspace Konstanz.

Lena Brüder


Lena is shaped by her time at Zalando and in various startup technology leadership roles. She is the GeoSci CTO. As a passionate paragliding pilot, she can often be found in the air.

Prof. Birger Gigla

Domain and physics expertise

Birger is professor for building physics, masonry and conservation engineering and Vice Director of the Institute for Acoustics at TH Lübeck. He is the author of Schallschutz im Hochbau (Sound Insulation in Building Construction). He enjoys outdoor sports, especially on water.